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    Sword of the Vagrant (Nintendo Switch) eShop Global

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    Sword of the Vagrant (Nintendo Switch) eShop Global

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      Enter the fantastic world of Mithrilia and go in search of the truth about your family and its deepest secrets. Play as a mercenary known as Vivian the Wanderer who pursues the search for her late father with the sole aim of finding his family. From the peaceful little village to the huge haunted castle, passing through mysterious forests and ancient battlefields, what will be left for our heroine once the armies of monsters are defeated?

      The Vagrant is a 2D Hack and slash action RPG game. Use chain combos, special attacks or even charge attacks to evolve the skills and equipment of the mercenary Vivian throughout this breathtaking adventure. You can become a sword master or continue the story with ease.

      Game Features

      * A traditional, hand-painted 2D game.

      * Finely balanced combat and action.

      * A panel of 70 bloodthirsty monsters and beasts.

      * 6 different and beautiful levels, completely hand painted.

      * A wealth of weapons, armor and accessories to earn, buy and collect.

      * Upgradable character skills for an intense and immersive gaming experience.

      * Craft and upgrade your equipment to increase your combat performance.

      * Use various attacks and skills to defeat your enemies. Improve your skills with enchantments.

      * Different endings offered for an even more thrilling adventure.

      * Over 10 bosses whose intuitive AI will challenge even the most experienced players.

      * A monsterpedia to consult all the information on the monsters you have defeated.

      * The possibility of traveling between the different places previously visited to practice or retry a challenge.

      * Music composed by Gabe Castro which highlights each emotion felt during the adventure.

      * A story rich in emotions and twists.

      * 4 difficulty levels offering a full-fledged gaming experience, from simple combat to extreme combat.

      * An art gallery with over 100 illustrations.

      * It is also possible to choose a different outfit for the character.

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