Frequently asked questions

Is this thing legal ?

We are selling PSN, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Steam, Battle.net and Epic game accounts with legit (original) games inside. We buy the accounts only from Official Store.

Court of Justice of the European Union Judgment in Case C-128/11 “An author of software cannot oppose the resale of his ‘used’ licences allowing the use of his programs downloaded from the internet”

Do I receive any guarantee on these games ?

All our games come with LIFETIME guarantee.

Why a guarantee necessary ?

Sometimes there can be technical or issues of a different nature that will get the account blocked. Changing the login id (email) of the account will block the access to the game.

Can I lose the guarantee ?

Yes, you can lose the guarantee if you change the login (email) and password of the Account. We will not be able to check the account and identify it as an account that was bought from us.

Can I install and play the games from any country ?

Yes, you can install the games, no matter where you live.

Official Account

All our account are buy on Official Store with Legit Gift Card.

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