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    Sea of Thieves Steam Global

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    Sea of Thieves Steam Global

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      Sea of ​​Thieves invites you to live in the shoes of a pirate. Navigation, fighting, exploration and looting will be on the daily menu to forge a name for you in piracy. Your role is not defined in advance, you are free to evolve and interact with other players as you wish.

      Whether you sail the seas in a group or solo, you will be brought together with other crews in this friendly adventure. It’s up to you to make them allies or enemies …

      A Gigantic Open World

      Explore a massive open world full of wild islands, shipwrecks and mysterious artifacts. Take part in a large number of quests to find lost treasure, search for a cursed skeleton captain or recover a cargo coveted by various societies. Go hunting or fishing, and draw from hundreds of side quests and optional objectives.

      Unforgettable stories

      Discover the narrative campaigns of Sea of ​​Thieves through the fables of the filibuster. With 11 fables spread over two main stories, these immersive and cinematic quests offer no less than 30 hours in the world of piracy.

      Become A Legend

      During your adventure, you will accumulate loots, improve your reputation, and shape your own style with the help of the rewards obtained. Adventure, exploration, conquest … what will your legend be made of?


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