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    Onirike (Nintendo Switch) eShop GLOBAL

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    Onirike (Nintendo Switch) eShop GLOBAL

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      Dreams are fed by our own desires. They dwell within us since we are born and this is what we call them until they become real. But… have you ever wondered what happens to dreams that never come true?

      Onirike is an original 3D adventure, puzzle and platformer video game which takes place in an intricate open world, designed with a non-linear narrative and presented with a peculiar audio-visual aesthetic.
      Throughout the game, the player will take the role of Prieto, a strange being unaware of his own nature, but who has the rare ability to become invisible. Exploration, stealth and cultivating gypsophila flowers will be key to unveiling the story of Prieto and the orb in which he lives.
      Main features:
      Explore Onirike’s intricate open world.
      Discover its captivating non-linear story.
      Be amazed by its peculiar audio-visual style.
      Help Prieto gain new abilities.
      Strategically grow gypsophila flowers.
      Avoid the devourers of souls by becoming invisible.

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