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    Ixion Steam Global

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      IXION combines city-building, survival and adventure in a thrilling space-opera where you explore the stars. As part of the test flight for the Vohle engine allowing travel from system to system, you are the administrator of the Tiqqun space station, responsible for the smooth running of this crucial mission for the future of humanity.

      Keeping the station in good working order will require skill and strategic thinking, as you will constantly be torn between maintaining structural integrity, bringing in new resources, and managing fuel consumption. ‘energy.

      What choices will you make when faced with impending disaster? What will you discover in the dark?

      A population to manage, teams that do not follow security protocols, not always from the initial mission or just coming out of cryogenics… Maintain confidence in the corporation that launched this adventure or face mutinies and risk failure. Six sectors can be unlocked inside the station, each of which can accommodate more population, support new jobs, provide opportunities to monitor the crew with the DLS: data listening system. Will you bring hope?

      Are you the only ones to escape the fate of Earth? Seek out other survivors and learn from the failures of those who came before you… Chapter after chapter, new threats and opportunities will arise, all in the pursuit of reaching your final destination, a new home for the humanity.

      DOLOS is renowned for its disruptive technologies, its avant-garde scientists, but the Tiqqun station is now alone. Search and collect the resources necessary for your development. Find new ways to support your population, construct new buildings to refine the management of the Tiqqun. Modify and improve the station, maintain hope, explore the horizon, the survival of mankind depends on it.The universe is a dangerous place. Hull breaches, fires, hostile planets… It’s up to you to manage these risks, deal with emergencies, create backup power solutions and enable extra-vehicular activity.

      There are brand new star systems to explore. Send probes to discover what is hidden between and on the stars, create cargo and mining ships to extract and transport resources, command scientific expeditions to discover the secrets and threats you will find in space. Meet other survivors and make them part of your mission, one goal – to survive to find a new home.

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