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    Gears Tactics Xbox One Global

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    Gears Tactics Xbox One Global

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      In development by the Coalition studio and published by the Xbox Game Studios is a new gaming title that continues to expand upon the epic franchise that is Gears of War. Tactics was announced at E3 2018 and its a turn-based strategy game, very similar to Firaxis games of the XCOM series or Phoenix Point, a game directed by one of the original creators of the first XCOM – Julian Gollop. Gears of War is a video game series famous across the industry for introducing revolutionary third-person shooter mechanics such as the cover system. Purchase Gears Tactics Xbox to experience the intensity of Gears of War world in a way that you never have before!

      Expansion of the Gears universe

      Story-wise the game presents a 40+ hour campaign and serves as a prequel to the original Gears of War. Tactics will explore the origins of the conflict between humans and Locust Horde. Set 12 years before the original Gears of War game with the iconic Marcus Fenix, and two years after the fateful Emergence Day, Gears Tactics follows the story of commander Gabe Diaz. Leading a squad of soldiers against the Locust Horde forces, Diaz will fight for the human population on planet Sera. The game will also introduce a never before seen Locust villain – Ukkon. Buy Gears Tactics Xbox to hunt down this mysterious mastermind – the guiding force behind the Locust forces and a scientist who provides the Horde with technology.

      Unit customization

      In typical XCOM-style TBS fashion, you will command an entire squad of distinct characters. Gears of War: Tactics will feature some faces from the broader and extensive lore of the franchise, coming from mediums such as novels. Serving under your command, each of these soldiers will be highly customizable as the customization options will range from looks and armor to individual skills and weapon attachments.

      TBS gameplay

      As you activate the Gears Tactics Xbox, get ready to engage the violent battlefields of planet Sera! Gears Tactics takes the Gears of War series in an unprecedented direction. This time around the camera will not be following soldiers from classic over the shoulder perspective but present the fast-paced action from top to bottom point of view. Nevertheless, the new Gears of War: Tactics still feels like a traditional Gears game, with an unmistakable aesthetic style and lots of gore!


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