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    Destiny 2 : Shadowkeep Xbox One Global

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    Destiny 2 : Shadowkeep Xbox One Global

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      Destiny 2 and its Guardians had their fair share of adventures and losses, but now it is time to rise above the usual stomping grounds and face the enemy close to home. With Moon now being the ground-zero of a new deadly threat, buy Destiny 2: Shadowkeep and gather your forces to protect the Earth one more time!

      Danger close to home

      While many of the enemies came from the deep space, far away from the home Guardians treasure, this expansion will bend and even break that rule. Our own Moon hides deep and powerful secrets, and while it was often overlooked in favour of more far-off destinations, the enemy has finally revealed themselves. Involved in the whole affair is Eris Morn – the familiar yet still mysterious figure.

      Whether she’s a foe or a friend is for Guardians to figure out. Buy Destiny 2: Shadowkeep and discover that the main focus is on the new adversary, which is powered by the dark night of fear, allowing for the mimicking ability. Face the once-defeated enemies and prepare to defend your home.

      Additional content

      As is perhaps customary, with a new DLC comes new content. Among these are new adventures for you to have, both solo and in a group. Start missions you have never seen before and complete quest that will engage you to like never before. Travel to exciting destinations and dungeons and ensure victory for you and your team!

      Buy Destiny 2 Shadowkeep and get the most out of your game with tons of old and new weapons to discover and rediscover. And should you want to experience the thrilling adventure with a group of friends, step into the brand-new raid and see if you measure up to the great big bad.

      Change of Platforms

      If you are an avid fan of , or maybe just never got the time to create account, we have great news for you! Destiny 2 is changing its launchers, so if you ever hesitated to get into Destiny because of this, now is the time to buy Destiny 2: Shadowkeep. Play how you want to, engage in fierce battles and live through great adventures!


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