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    Chivalry 2 Xbox One Global

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    Chivalry 2 Xbox One Global

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      Return to the ultimate medieval battlefield with the long-awaited sequel to the first game that took the gaming world by storm! Torn Banner Studios and Tripwire Interactive proudly present Chivalry 2, a first-person slasher with a heavy emphasis on grandiose multiplayer battles, inspired by the warfare of the past. The Middle Ages lasted centuries, and during those times humanity saw its most iconic clashes, featuring storms of flaming arrows, cavalry charges, sprawling castle sieges and much more. Lose yourself in the action as the roar of the battlefield accentuates your every move – strike out your foes in real-time combat as you combine various manoeuvres to unleash devastating blows upon players unlucky enough to cross your path. Buy Chivalry 2 and participate in multiplayer medieval warfare, worthy of the silver screen!

      What are Chivalry 2 gameplay features?

      When enormous armies of players clash against each other in this fashion, the only things you can expect are chaos and violence. Will you become a whirlwind of steel, capable to eliminate every threat, or be the first to fall during the initial clash?

      • • A cinematic multiplayer experience. Engage in everything that medieval warfare has to offer – set settlements on fire, slaughter the inhabitants and lay siege to seemingly impenetrable fortresses along with other 64 players;
      • • The ultimate knight. Customize your warrior to the smallest details and step into the battlefield – whether you are wounded, bleeding out or missing limbs, become a legendary knight or die in a blaze of glory;
      • • Master of medieval warfare. Create and perfect your own unique playstyle – utilize an enhanced and fluid combat system to unleash hell upon your opponents;
      • • Cheap Chivalry 2 price.

      The battlefield beckons

      Have you ever wanted to walk in the shoes of a knight, unleashing his inner beast on the raging battlefield? The Chivalry 2 lets you experience just that, all in grand-scale skirmishes, further enhanced by HD graphics! Once you create your unique warrior, it is your turn to step into the fray and help your team achieve victory, be it via ruthless bloodshed or calculated battle tactics. Just like you, other players are free to be whatever kind of knight they want – true heroes striving for glory or blood-soaked murderers willing to do everything they can to guarantee their army’s success. Buy Chivalry 2 and claim glory by your blade!


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