A hypothetical Dying Light 3 mentioned through a survey

May 24, 2024

A year after the launch of the second installment, a third Dying Light is making noise… without actually wanting to make noise! It all started with a tweet from Tymon Smektala, who is in charge of the franchise at Techland.

The main person involved posted a survey online to gather the community’s opinion on the profession of the main hero that the player would control in a Dying Light 3. Among the choices, there is that of a simple survivor, a GRE agent (turned good), a night runner, or a pilgrim.

In any case, Smektala takes the time to clarify that this survey does not serve as an official announcement for Dying Light 3, although it seems a little like it…

Dying Light (Steam) PC

Release Date:
27 January 2015

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