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Xbox Live Network is a superb platform that provides an abundance of Xbox Live membership services that will undoubtedly boost up your gaming experience to the maximum, from Xbox Live Gold codes to Xbox Game Pass, and even Xbox Ultimate Pass for the most daring! Every Xbox console gamer deserves nothing but the best that Xbox can offer, and Xbox Live Gold subscriptions are the direct road to enjoying the beneficial features of the platform.

Xbox Live Gold 12 months Xbox Live GLOBAL
Xbox Live Gold 12 months Xbox Live GLOBAL

What is Xbox Live Gold membership?

Xbox Live Gold membership is a subscription to the Xbox Live for a specific period of time during which the subscriber has access to the exclusive features and benefits. Speaking of periods of time, you can buy these Xbox Live memberships:

  • Xbox Live Gold 1 month;
  • Xbox Live Gold 3 months;
  • Xbox Live Gold 6 months;
  • Xbox Live Gold 12 months.

The membership expires once the period of time runs out and the user loses access to Xbox Live Gold features, however, the subscriptions can be renewed. Of course, the Xbox Gold variant is far from the only Xbox Live membership you can buy. EA Access Pass CodeXbox Game Pass, and even Xbox Game Pass Ultimate are there to complete your Xbox membership experience with even more additional content. For a single monthly subscription fee to an Xbox Game Pass, you’ll get more content than you could possibly finish in a year, and with EA Access subscription, the very best and most explicit EA’s titles are also yours to conquer. The Xbox Live Gold membership variants range from 48-hour and 14-day trials to full-scale 12-month yearly offers with numerous additional variants in-between.

Is Xbox Live Gold really worth investing in, though?

The question should not even pop up, but if it does, we will guide you through the beneficial features provided by Xbox Live Gold. Pick up an Xbox Live subscription and you will enter a massive world of options and features that will enhance and embellish the Xbox 360 and Xbox One experience:

  • Advanced and extremely reliable console gaming network;
  • 2 to 4 free games to play every month (Games with Gold);
  • Multiplayer mode on Xbox One;
  • Game discounts that may vary from 50% to 75% at the Xbox store;

Probably the greatest feature provided by Xbox Gold is the multiplayer, which enables you to play in the company of fellow Xbox gamers across the world! Also, you will be able to get a couple of Xbox games per month that are completely free of charge, with them just being a download away. Of course, the exclusive discounts to save you a good amount of money in the long run and access to the best Xbox Gold deals!
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