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    Wreckfest Steam GLOBAL

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    Wreckfest Steam GLOBAL

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      Wreckfest presents a racing simulator game developed by Bugbear Entertainment. How is Wreckfest different from other racing games? Well, Wreckfest cars can be wrecked to an unbelievable extent!

      The realistic physics used in-game affects the damaged car’s performance to a great extent, and your goal in a race is to be able to move of course. So this moral dilemma appears, how much can you wreck your opponent and still be able to drive yourself?

      Wreckfest presents combative motorsport unlike any other. Either be light, agile and fast or a heavy-hitting and slow menace! It’s completely up to you and your preferred style.

      Upgrade your car, and customize it in great detail, change it’s weight, armor, speed and a bunch of other factors! Wreckfest also features a multiplayer mode, various challenge modes, and a thrilling campaign journey!

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