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    Wavetale (Nintendo Switch) eShop Global

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    Wavetale (Nintendo Switch) eShop Global

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      Explore the ocean and the crumbling archipelago of Townshore in Wavetale, a narrative action-adventure game with a story featuring discouraged fishermen, mysterious hermits and maybe a pirate or two. Navigate calm waters and ride the waves as Sigrid, a young girl who befriends a mysterious shadow giving her the power to walk on water

      Speed ​​over the waves, jump from the roofs of houses with your net and face monstrous enemies to save the citizens of the islands. All this with the help of the shadows of the deep… and your grumpy grandmother.

      • Accelerate on the high seas and swing between buildings in this fast-paced adventure
      • Live a heartwarming experience about loss and reconciliation
      • Meet new people among the diverse inhabitants of Strandvilles: from the overconfident surfer to the old fisherman turned stylist
      • Transform your appearance with collectible hats, hair dyes and costumes
      • Fill the pages of Sigrid’s scrapbook with special drawings to learn more about her world

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