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  • Release Date18 Jun, 2019

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    They Are Billions Steam Global

    The Numantian Games developers bring you a base-building survival RTS They Are Billions. This magnificent futuristic cyberpunk piece will put you through a living nightmare that our future has become into! Most of the population has been infected with a virus that turns everyone into flesh-seeking zombified units and now only a few thousand survivors remain safe from the outbreak! However, the infection isn’t planning to stop from spreading, and here’s where your role comes into play!

    Pause Please!

    Buy They Are Billions and save the remaining few colonies from complete extinction! The game offers Survival Mode so intense you’ll want to pause it to breathe, and you’ll be able to pause it (thankfully)! It’s all about survival, and this RTS offers numerous strategic options to consider, and for that you’ll need time, consider a pause option as your beacon of hope!

    What You Get!

    The game is brilliant in its execution. They Are Billions video game support magnificent 4K graphics! You’ll enjoy loads of unique maps with their own events, weather conditions, and numerous other randomized circumstances to make each day just a little bit harder! Furthermore, the infected zombies come by the hundreds, by the thousands, and even by tens of thousands, all in real time! Each of the infected units has its own AI system, so expect some unpredictable behaviours whenever there’s an opportunity!

    Genre :

    • Base Building | Strategy | Zombies | RTS | Building

    Languages :

    • English | French | German | Italian | Spanish

    Release date

    18 Jun, 2019


    Numantian Games


    Numantian Games

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