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    The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles PS4 Global

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    The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles PS4 Global

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      Immerse yourself into the various adventures of a rookie lawyer trying to solve cases! Capcom proudly presents the definitive edition of the two The Great Ace Attorney games – The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles, packed with double the content and fun. Here, players step into 19th century Victorian London and Japan as Ryunosuke Naruhodo, the ancestor of Phoenix Wright, who is on the mission to solve a hauntingly baffling cold case and uncover the secrets of an international criminal conspiracy in turn. All along the way, you’ll have to figure out various murder mysteries by talking to witnesses, cross-examining suspects, examining evidence and providing theories in court. Buy The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles and begin your intense yet charming courtroom battles!

      The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles features

      From the crime scene to the courtroom, fun and drama will follow you with every step until you deduce the biggest overarching mystery spanning the two games. Do you have the wits and skills to deduct what really happened to the victims?

      • Charming backdrop and visuals. Victorian London and Japan have never looked this great, and it’s all thanks to the distinct style that combines anime-like visuals with 3D models – it’s made all better by the various quality of life features like accolades and autosave;
      • 10 episodes of crime-solving. Over 50 hours of content await curious detectives-slash-lawyers itching to help their clients in court – gather evidence, inspect clues, piece together what happened, and present your case;
      • Story Mode. You’re more intrigued by the drama? This auto-advancing mode allows you to sit back, not stress about trying to solve tricky cases, and watch the story unfold;
      • Assistance feature. Whether you get stuck on a particularly difficult case or are just generally new to the series, this handy feature will help you in times of need by providing hints;
      • • Cheap The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles price.

      Get ready to yell “Objection!”

      With The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles, you get to be the charismatic Ryunosuke Naruhodo, who, after a brush with the law, now is a rookie lawyer with a new-found sense of justice, travelling to Great Britain to learn the latest legal practices. Along with a couple of friends, our protagonist soon gets entangled in an international criminal conspiracy during his travels – the only way to untangle it all is by solving the occurring murders along with the world’s most famous detective Herlock Sholmes! Making inquiries, gathering evidence, and presenting your case in court is going to be tricky because you’ll be going toe to toe against the ‘Reaper’ of the judicial world – the legendary prosecutor Barok van Zieks. Buy The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles and turn hopeless situations into smashing victories!


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