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    Rust Console Edition Xbox One Global

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    Rust Console Edition Xbox One Global

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      The ultimate multiplayer-only survival experience is finally coming to consoles with the release of Rust: Console Edition! Facepunch Studios present an unforgiving virtual environment, brimming not only with hostile wildlife and biome conditions but also with players that will either let you go or kill you. Here you will have to closely manage your hunger, thirst and health all the while scavenging the wilderness and abandoned locations for consumables and crafting materials. The best chance for survival, of course, is teaming up with other players and building bases, but achieving this isn’t so simple – Rust is notorious for having players that will do anything to dominate the server and gain more loot, even if it means killing everyone they encounter. Buy Rust: Console Edition Xbox Live – explore, fight, and survive!

      Rust: Console Edition features

      Join a server, explore a vast open-world and fight everyone if you have to to ensure your survival. Just don’t give up, even if you succumb to exposure or someone eliminates you – respawn and try again!

      • You vs. the wild vs. the players. Everything here is out to get you, from bears, boars, wolves and the environment itself to other players that are trying to survive just like you – always stay cautious and choose your allies wisely;
      • Craft to survive. It will be hard to stay alive if you don’t have a base of operations – build better shelters, use resources to learn useful blueprints and craft better weapons & armour;
      • The post-apocalypse. Valuable crafting resources, food and water can be found in abandoned places scattered around the map but be careful since some of them will give you radiation poisoning – special buildings even house hostile scientists that will attack you on sight;
      • Find your community. You can join either official servers or modded ones depending on whether you prefer the vanilla experience or want something more lax/challenging – you’re bound to find a server you’re going to frequent daily since some of them have different themes or are region/country-specific;
      • It just keeps getting better. Facepunch is constantly working towards adding more content and improving the general experience – enjoy such new additions as flying contraptions, cars, varied farming options, and much much more;
      • Do it how you like it. Whether you sneak around at night, grow crops, join teams or raid other players, there’s no wrong way to survive in Rust – craft the experience that you want with your own hands;
      • • Cheap Rust: Console Edition price.

      A harsh world awaits

      With the Rust: Console Edition Xbox you’re essentially stepping into a world that will do everything in its power to destroy you. The silver lining is that it also provides you with everything you might need in order to survive – you just have to be brave enough to venture out of your safe & comfortable shelter and engage in the action! Once you join a server, you start with nothing, stranded on a beach with just a torch and a rock in your inventory. Use these tools to gather other rocks, wood, metal, build a base and then craft simple armour and weapons. And when you think you’re ready, go out and explore the abandoned supermarkets, military bases, cave systems, oil rigs, trainyards and all the other places that house precious materials. If you think you’re not powerful enough, just look for gun materials and build items that will ensure your victory in the world of Rust. Buy Rust: Console Edition Xbox Live and begin your survival journey!

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