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    Pro Cycling Manager 2021 Steam Global

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    Pro Cycling Manager 2021 Steam Global

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      Become the mastermind behind the best team in the Pro Cycling world in the newest iteration of the long-running Pro Cycling Manager series! Cyanide and Nacon game studios present one of the most realistic and immersive simulation experiences with Pro Cycling Manager 2021, a strategic real-time game where you are responsible for leading your chosen cycling team to victory. From such simple tasks as evaluating and recruiting potential racers to overseeing the general strategy of the race, you alone have to make the crucial decisions. Besides unprecedented realism and authenticity, you also get to experience the 2021 Tour de France race through a new perspective of a manager. Buy Pro Cycling Manager 2021 Steam and rise to the top of the Pro Cycling world!

      Pro Cycling Manager 2021 gameplay features

      Whether you are making crucial choices behind the scenes or participating in the race yourself, your experience is that much better thanks to these features:

      • The new objective system. You can now set numerous objectives for your riders but be careful – race types, overall fatigue and unforeseen circumstances will affect the morale of your riders and their abilities;
      • New European Championships and teams. The season calendar includes online races and time trials – these work just like the World Championship and happen by national selection;
      • New brands. Whether you’re customizing helmets, wheels or frames, you can incorporate the logos of such brands as Lazer, Vision, Corima, Rudy Project, Canyon, and much more;
      • Realistic weather. Meteorological data was used to create realistic day to day weather conditions, which impact your rider’s fatigue and morale;
      • • Cheap Pro Cycling Manager 2021 price.

      The long road to the top

      The Pro Cycling Manager 2021 wouldn’t be a cycling manager simulation game without the extensive Career mode, where you become the Sporting Director of your chosen or custom team! You are in charge of recruiting new riders, attracting the attention of sponsors, allocating the money, organizing training, and ensuring that all equipment is in top-notch condition. Besides that, hiring other staff is also crucial if you want to make the whole management aspect less stressful. For those that want to try cycling itself, the game includes the Pro Cyclist mode, where you can create your own rider and become a rising star in the Pro Cycling world. Buy Pro Cycling Manager 2021 Steam and become the best team manager!

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