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    Metro Exodus PS4 Global

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    Metro Exodus PS4 Global

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      Metro Exodus offers a new and thrilling action FPS game developed by 4A Games. It’s also the third instalment in the Metro game franchise and a sequel to the events of the previous releases.

      FPS, Survival Horror, and Stealth

      As in the previous series, Metro Exodus offers a well-put combination of FPS, survival horror and stealth game mechanics. Enter the mutant-infested post-apocalyptic scenario for one more thrilling adventure to embark on.


      Wield an array of unique and ingenious self-made weapons! Crafting and scavenging for desirable materials play a big part to the whole ordeal.

      Familiar Threats

      For a one-time Metro Exodus price enter a series of linear levels as well as sandbox environments, where you will fight against legions of mutated evils, hazardous humans, and radiation.

      Environmental Trials

      Prepare for the changing weather conditions, outlast chilling winters, and watch how the shift of the seasons impacts the surrounding environment as well as your survival.


      Metro Exodus unlocks a narrative set 2 years after the events of the previous series, where once again you play as Artyom. This time you are heading off from the Moscow into the far east.


      Many new challenges await, whether you can endure them depends solely on your skill, knowledge, and sheer power of will!


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