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    Insurgency Sandstorm Xbox One Global

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    Insurgency Sandstorm Xbox One Global

    • Description

      Welcome to the most realistic FPS to have ever been released! Insurgency: Sandstorm is a New World Interactive’s release that pairs up amazing graphics with gameplay mechanics that have been thoroughly perfected to provide a real-life feel.

      Attention to Detail

      The amount of detail with Insurgency: Sandstorm is bound to catch anyone by surprise, the sound effects are beyond amazing, even allowing you to recognize whether the shots are fired by a foe or an ally simply by the sound of the gunshot since the two factions have access to different guns. You are nearly guaranteed to be awed during every minute of play when you first try out the game because of all the attention to detail and work that has been put in.

      HOW MUCH!?!?

      It would be reasonable to think, that a game of such quality is going to cost tons of money, however, that is not the case, not even close! The Insurgency: Sandstorm price is bound to catch you off guard, as one of the best FPS games in the market costs less than half of what AAA normally cost, which means you get a top-quality product for the price of an indie game.

      Dive Straight Into The Action

      This game does not need convincing, simply get your Insurgency: Sandstorm and hop into the action, whether you are competing with other players in a vast multiplayer mode with teams of up to 16 players or play versus the AI, which is balanced to perfection, making you feel just as if you were competing against other players!


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