Immortals Fenyx Rising Xbox One Global

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  • Release Date3 Dec 2020

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    Immortals Fenyx Rising Xbox One Global

    The renowned gaming studio and creator of Assassin’s Creed games – Ubisoft – presents the gaming community with another remarkable, action-packed story to experience – Immortals Felyx Rising. Assume the role of a forgotten hero who sets out to save the Greek gods from mortal dangers. Buy Immortals Fenyx Rising and embark on an epic journey to the Isle of the Blessed where you will tackle mythological creatures and even face the greatest, deadliest monster in Greek mythology, known by the name of Typhon!

    Embark on a grand journey

    Buy Immortals Fenyx Rising, create your own customizable character, and wield the power of gods! The Greek gods have fallen victim to the mighty Typhon and your sole mission is to save them and face the deadliest threat in Greek mythology! Enjoy the open-world fantasy game, filled with epic battles and quests to keep the players entertained for hours to come. Roam the free and interactive in-game world to your heart’s content, but be aware of the tricky trials, treacherous dungeons. Immortals Fenyx Rising rewards the hero with heroic feats and glory told in legends for centuries to come!

    Immortals Fenyx Rising gameplay features

    Immortals Fenyx Rising introduces a variety of fun as well as entertaining gameplay features to keep players on their toes and their excitement up. The center of the gameplay is Greek mythology, so you are plunged into a fictional world brimming with mythological lore and bestowing upon you the mission to defeat a god-like villain.
    • • High-quality graphics. Enjoy the distinctive art style and high-quality visualizations. Enjoy smooth gameplay controls as you roam an open world, support by a strong game engine;
    • • Fantasy setting. The fantasy setting directly inspired by Greek mythology, so be prepared to meet not only Gods and Typhon but also other fantastic creatures like Hydras, Cyclopes, and such;
    • • Special abilities. The playable character is gifted with the power of gods to succeed in their noble mission, so you will be in control of special abilities that are sure to help out massively during combats;
    • • Cheaper Immortals Fenyx Rising.

    Genre :

    • Action | Adventure

    Languages :

    • English | French | German | Italian | Spanish

    Release date

    3 Dec 2020


    Ubisoft Quebec



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