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    Hot Wheels Unleashed Steam Global

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    Hot Wheels Unleashed Steam Global

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      Dive into breathtaking racing as you twist and turn along some of the most chaotic tracks with the newest Hot Wheel video game! The company best-known for its masterfully crafted racing games, Milestone S.r.l., presents Hot Wheels Unleashed – an explosive experience where you’ll not only get to collect various high-octane vehicles but will also get to build your own spectacular tracks and try them out yourself. Become the ultimate collector as you expand your roster of the most iconic and sought after Hot Wheels cars, customize them to your heart’s content and when you’re ready – take them out for a spin. Buy Hot Wheels Unleashed Steam, discover every vehicle’s specialities, tackle every challenge head-on and be prepared for the best that the Hot Wheels universe has to offer!

      Hot Wheels Unleashed features

      The Hot Wheels Unleashed has much more to offer than just collecting vehicles! In this game you’ll also get to enjoy such gameplay features like:

      • Immersive locations. 6 massive and highly detailed environments are waiting to be explored – each has unique styles, features and plenty of elements you can interact with;
      • Build your own tracks. Unleash your creativity by mixing and matching various special track pieces and items from different environments – don’t forget to share them with other Hot Wheels enthusiasts online;
      • Share the fun. Prove your skills in online 12 player multiplayer matches or just chill on the couch with your buddy in 2 player Split Screen mode;
      • Your own unique space. You’re going to spend a lot of time collecting various nifty thingies during your adventures – decorate your personal room with them and host races;
      • • Cheap Hot Wheels Unleashed price.

      Collect, create, win

      Only those who take on the hardest challenges get to relish in the sweet taste of victory – drift at every turn, charge your boost and launch yourself into loops for maximum fun! In the Hot Wheels Unleashed , every race is a spectacle because you’re going to tear the tracks of 6 enormous & interactive environments where every object is part of the track and can make you or break you. Now, it wouldn’t be Hot Wheels if you couldn’t create your own unique tracks and thanks to the livery editor, players can do just that. Utilize the iconic orange pieces, twist the course, add special boosters, loops, obstacles, other special elements to create your very own amusement park! Buy Hot Wheels Unleashed Steam and build the race track of your dreams!

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