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    FIFA 18 PS4 Global

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    FIFA 18 PS4 Global

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      Experience the football field as if you are there yourself! Football’s biggest tournament comes back with FIFA 18 PS4! EA Sports once again breathes new life into this sports video game as they do with every release. The game is notable for introducing the Real Player Motion Technology which allows you to see the players as you see them on TV. Fast, accurate, responsive – these are just a few features that the all-new FIFA 18 animation system brings to the numerous licensed stadiums!

      Play with Cristiano Ronaldo, Ronaldo Nazário, and every other fully licensed, scanned, and recreated football legend that you can think of! Enjoy their unprecedented responsiveness to your commands, use their abilities, and earn yourself a striking win! FiFA 18 PS4 price is well-worth the investment! Together with Team Styles, Player Control and Positioning you will be able to recreate and create the most Dramatic Moments ever recorded on the pitch and beyond!


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