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      Mediatonic and Devolver Digital present us with a mesmerizing battle royale that supports up to 60 players online and offers plenty of fun! Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout flings hordes of contestants together in a frenzied dash through levels of escalating chaos until one victor remains! Battle bizarre obstacles, shove through unruly competitors and overcome the unbending laws of physics to avoid both humiliation and elimination. Prepare yourself for some of the most hilarious failures as you run into wrong gates, other contestants, fall, roll and smash in the most embarrassing ways – the hilarity of the Fall Guys game exceeds all expectations!

      An adorable battle royale

      Although the Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout seems to offer hilarious gameplay, do not be mistaken as it is a challenging battle royale, full of twists and smart obstacles. The goal of the game is to rush through the game levels, overcome the obstacles, and be the first to reach the finish line. Seems simple enough, right? However, the Fall Guys game revolves around playing smart and being patient instead of rushing blindly, since you might smash into the wrong gates and such, that way losing time and getting quite behind. Watch a mass of delightfully adorable characters run around and get wrecked by their mistakes as you try to make your way through the challenging platforms!

      Compete and cooperate

      Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is all multiplayer mode where players compete against a massive number of other players or work in a team against all others. In any case, it’s all about winning in this chaotic pandemonium with an in-game environment that doesn’t allow players to regain their breath. Game levels called Fall Ball, Egg Scramble, Rock ‘N’ Roll, Jinx, Team Tail Tag, Hoarders, and Hoopsey Daisy group players into teams, so cooperation plays a huge part in the successful competition. For those who don’t want to co-op, Fall Guys PC has plenty of game levels where you can compete against other players individually and show how things are done!

      Fall Guys gameplay features

      Buy Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout and you will indulge in the funniest battle royale game, offering gameplay features to keep players entertained for a long while and make their experience unforgettable.

      • Smooth gameplay. The game is run by Unity engine which provides the title with high-quality graphics, smooth gameplay, controls, and servers that can support up to 60 players at once without hindering the game itself;
      • Customizable characters. Fall Guys has a distinct art style and players can customize their playable characters – be whatever you want to be, an adorable pirate or a stylish pineapple;
      • Entertaining content. The game levels are brimming with various kinds of obstacles the players must dodge and deal with to win, so run, slide, jump and do whatever it takes not to get blown off the platform;
      • Hilarious physics. To win, one has to master the physics of this game as that will allow the players to deal with obstacles successfully, but until then – be ready for hilarious knockouts;
      • Plenty of game levels. Don’t worry, the game won’t become dull anytime soon as it offers a seemingly endless amount of levels to go through, both in competitive and co-op manner;
      • • Cheaper Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout price.

      Fall Guys game opens the door to a chaotic world of cute characters running around in frenzied pandemonium, so join today and indulge in the hilarious gameplay followed by laughter!

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