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    Dying Light 2 Stay Human Xbox One Global

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    Dying Light 2 Stay Human Xbox One Global

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      Dying Light and its DLC expansions were an unquestionable success, so it comes as no surprise that developer and publisher Techland began working on a follow-up. Dying Light 2 Xbox One brings a chance to enjoy a sequel to 2015 original, which is no less ambitious than its predecessor and heavily expands upon every aspect that made the first zombie-themed open-world survival experience so memorable and immersive.

      Dying Light 2 – plot

      After 15 years since the initial spread of the infection, humanity finds itself in the new dark age. Survivors have divided themselves into opposing factions and mercilessly fight each other for resources. However, even this chaotic state of conflict pales in comparison to devastating zombie rampages happening at night. Dying Light 2 Xbox One promises one of the toughest survival game experiences, where the player is constantly challenged both by human and non-human threats.

      Dying Light 2 – gameplay

      All the main gameplay elements that define the original Dying Light experience are present in the sequel. The player will once again explore a huge post-apocalyptic open-world city in search for crafting resources while also engaging in first-person combat during the day or employing stealth tactics during the night. Dying Light 2 Xbox One will allow to enjoy parkour stunts once again and this time around they will be much more elaborate. The new protagonist of the game – Aiden Caldwell – carries the infection with him, however, it enables him to perform superhuman physical feats that open up new ways to approach freerunning and combat.

      Dying Light 2 – main features:

      • • An ever-changing open-world city shaped by the player’s decisions;
      • • Dynamic day and night cycle that drastically changes the gameplay experience;
      • • Over 100 hours worth of campaign content;
      • • High replay value due to the multiple ways the story can branch off;
      • • 2 – 4 player co-op mode;
      • • Cheap Dying Light 2 Xbox One price.

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