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    Citystate 2 Steam

  • Description

    Citystate II goes back to the origins of what made city builders such as SimCity 4 captivating and demanding by offering realistic urban simulation systems centered on civic and economic matters.
    Special attention was given to freedom of play, this is an old-school sandbox game with no limitations nor goals. And you can play with or without politics.

    This game contains economic slang, a bunch of statistics and depicts political ideologies in an arbitrary and subjective way. Citystate II is intended for mature audiences.

    Build an entire Nation, one city at a time

    • – More than 220 unique buildings (including real-scale skyscrapers), 8 road types, railways and subways.
    • – Power and water management. Schools, hospitals, fire and police stations.
    • – Large city maps (320×320 tiles), with up to 64 buildable cities per Nation.
    • – Flag creator and mod-ready maps.

    One of the most advanced economic simulation in a city builder

    • – Unemployment, income distribution and social ladder.
    • – Money printing, inflation rate and corruption.
    • – Immigration policies, to precisely control the speed of the population’s growth.

    Extensive and powerful political options

    • – 51 policies offering a total of 204 distinct options to choose from representing all sides of the political spectrum.
    • – Policy creator, to edit and enact custom laws.
    • – Religion, birth rates and political affiliations.

    Easy to play. Hard to master.

    • – Riots, fires, plane crashes, organized crime.
    • – Slums and urban decay.
    • – Bankruptcy.

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