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Buy PS Plus membership and open the gates to a whole other level of PS4 gaming experience. The numerous benefits of the PlayStation Plus should not be taken for granted, those who are already in the club would surely double down on this. Enjoy the numerous benefits of PlayStation platform provided to thousands of its subscribers all around the world! Become a member, enjoy a bunch of new titles, beat your friends in numerous competitive gaming challenges and have a chance to acquire your desired purchases for dimes! Sounds breathtaking? Well, it definitely is.

What is a PlayStation Plus membership?

While PlayStation Network is a free service to be enjoyed by users of any Sony devices, PlayStation Plus is a paid upgrade of the same service that offers some of the most stunning features. That is where PS Plus memberships come into play. To enjoy the exclusive benefits of PlayStation platform, you have to subscribe to the service by purchasing and activating your PS Plus membership! We invite all the PlayStation console users to give PlayStation Plus a try and see why thousands of gamers keep subscribing to this Sony service up to this day!

Why do I need a PlayStation Plus membership?

PlayStation Plus membership will grant you access to all the aforementioned benefits that enhance the PlayStation console experience to the max. The key features that you will be able to enjoy are the following:

  • Cloud game saving; you will be able to save up to 100 GB worth of game data on your PS4;
  • Ability to play online games;
  • Early access to beta trials of games;
  • Up to 6 free games per month (some of the best AAA games amongst them at times);
  • Exclusive membership discounts on such Playstation Store items as games, DLCs, bundles, and season passes.

You will be able to play online with many other PlayStation gamers, share your gameplay and save it to cloud! Even better is that you will be granted access to betas of the games, so you get to have fun before many other players and get to try several free games every month and don’t you worry, these games will certainly not be boring! And last but not least – enjoy huge discounts, amazing PSN games and the best PS Plus deals!
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