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    Streets of Rage 4 Steam Global - Enjify

    Streets of Rage 4 Steam Global

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    Streets of Rage 4 Steam Global

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      Streets of Rage is back! Buy Streets of Rage 4 Steam to witness the return of the classic, side-scrolling beat ‘em up video game series that initially started in the 1990s on the Sega Genesis console. Guard Crush Games, Lizardcube, and Dotemu have joined forces to bring the fourth installment to the legendary 16-bit era series, packed with brands new features and retro-themed unlockable content for long-term fans.

      What is beat ‘em up?

      The Streets of Rage series (also known as Bare Knuckle) was always a classic example of the beat ‘em up video game genre which is defined by hand-to-hand combat against incoming waves of enemies. Buy Streets of Rage 4 Steam and enjoy a game that stays faithful to the traditional beat ‘em ups by presenting the action from the 2D perspective! Make no mistake – this is not a remake. While the game features homages to the original Streets of Rage trilogy as well as returning characters like Axel, Blaze, and Adam, it nevertheless remains a fully-fledged fourth installment in the series, telling a unique story set 10 years after Streets of Rage 3.

      Unlockable retro graphics and soundtrack

      One of the main reasons to buy Street of Rage 4 Steam if you are one of the long-term fans, is the possibility to unlock retro graphics and soundtrack as you play. Sure, the new game features amazing visuals with all in-game characters being hand-drawn but choosing the classic 16-bit pixelated look of the iconic Streets of Rage characters is without a doubt an awesome bonus. Get set to barrage through the waves of enemies in 1990s style with the classic electronic Streets of Rage soundtrack accompanying you in the background!

      Multiplayer modes

      Buy Streets of Rage 4 Steam to not only relive the classic beat ‘em up local co-op fun but also to enjoy the possibility of online play! The game features 12 unique stages, 12 classic characters from the past as well as new characters such as the cyborg Floyd Iraia or Adam Hunter’s daughter Cherry. Pick your favorites and join up with friends in the cooperative mode that for the first time in the series can harbor up to 4 players at once! Competitive Battle Mode is also included – you can buy Street of Rage 4 Steam for an exceptional opportunity to finally try out your favorite combos and super moves against real players!

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