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    Post Scriptum Steam Global

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    Post Scriptum Steam Global

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    • Descrizione

      Developed by Periscope Games – Post Scriptum connects realistic experience and epic fights with tactics and vast battlefields inspired by real-life places where WW2 events took place. With this first-person simulation shooter, you will be able to experience the harsh conditions in which the soldiers fought and sacrificed themselves for glory and for their country.


      The game offers expansive multiplier gameplay involving up to 100 players on one server, showing the scale of realistic battles taking part all around you. Each side consists of up to 50 players where everyone gets a chance to take one of a number of specific roles which include, platoon commanders, snipers or squad leaders. The cooperation between each soldier plays a vital role in the game, as only the coordinated teams will have an advantage over those who prefer playing solo.

      The developers of this game gave the players the option to use more than 40 authentic vehicles such as tanks, reinforced transport cars or even anti-tank artillery. Additionally, no great battle could take place without a massive range of weapons, as the Periscope Games team made it possible to use over 70 historically accurate and faithfully recreated weapons.

      Story and setting

      Post Scriptum game takes place during the ‘Operation Market Garden’ where numerous battles were fought between the allied US and British forces against the German Army. In those battles just as in the game, paratroopers played a major role in the lands of Holland, during the fight to capture and hold seven key bridges. As a reference to those events, ‘The Bloody Seventh’ is the name of the project undertaken by the Periscope Games.

      As a player, you have a choice to join one of the two sides of the battle. Join British and US forces in one of their divisions including the 1st Airborne Division and 82nd US Airborne, or fight for the opposition with Waffen SS or the Wehrmacht.


      Both critics and players praised the game for its depiction of war and great historical accuracy. The choice that the player has of choosing one of the sides in the conflict between Nazi Germany and the Allies was also applauded by the gamer community.

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