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    Railgrade (Nintendo Switch) eShop global

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    Railgrade (Nintendo Switch) eShop global

    • Description
      • RAILGRADE is a management simulation in which you use the railways to transport resources and power the industry of an alien colony. As an administrator working on behalf of Nakatani Chemicals, it’s up to you to help restore industrial production after a disastrous collapse of the planetary infrastructure.Build complex rail networks and harness the power of trains to provide vital industries with access to the resources they need. Manage inputs and outputs to optimise production, and create efficient supply chains using multi-level railways and a variety of unique locomotive types.Combine strategic decision-making and creative construction to restore a thriving industrial colony to its former glory. If you succeed, you can impress your superiors enough to get permission to return to Earth.Use user-friendly construction tools to instantly build and manage a complex network of interconnected railways.
        Create efficient supply chains by linking industrial sources and placing dozens of trains that will continuously criss-cross the map.
      • Customise your trains using different types of locomotives and freight, with hundreds of unique combinations.
      • Optimise the configuration of your trains and strategically place rails to overcome difficult terrain obstacles and create the most optimal delivery route possible.
      • Control the flow of resources by carefully managing inputs and outputs. Stay on top of bottlenecks to ensure that trains and their valuable cargoes reach their destinations safely.
      • Invest in the growth of your cities, or use zeppelins to export goods for extra profit.
      • Admire your fleet of trains with the cinematic view mode.
        Help restore a thriving industrial colony in a single-player campaign with over 50 missions.
      • Spend tokens earned in each mission and use them to unlock new industries, upgrades and options.
      • Push your limits in bonus side missions. Explore arid deserts in search of oil reserves, or develop a rocket launch programme.
      • Show off your most impressive railway installations with a photo mode featuring a variety of filters and visual options.

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