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    Pumpkin Jack Steam Global

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    Pumpkin Jack Steam Global

    • Description

      Pumpkin Jack is a fun and spooky 3D platformer game in which you play as Jack, the mythical pumpkin-headed lord! Immerse yourself in an epic adventure through various fantastic landscapes and help Evil triumph over Good!

      • Cartoon and Colorful Universe: Explore shimmering worlds and go through warm atmospheric levels, all designed with vivid color palettes and high quality light effects.
      • Fight for Your Survival: With mighty creatures lurking around every turn, players will need to master the art of combo attacks, dodge, and timing to survive these real-time battles! Players must unlock weapons and choose them wisely in order to eliminate anyone who dares to oppose them.
      • Try not to lose your mind: Solve puzzles that combine physics, gravity and reflection with Jack, or drop your body shell and use your flaming head to burn books, crush moles, create paths for magical spheres , and more as the levels offer new challenges to complete.
      • Find Friends to Fight With: Valuable companions will come to help Jack on his journey, such as a haughty owl who will guide him and a sly crow begging to help him with his ranged attacks.

      Plunge into the heart of an epic adventure and help Evil triumph over Good!

      Fulfill the will of the Devil in person and defeat your nemesis on an epic quest that will lead you to the Boredom Kingdom, a mythical kingdom shattered by the Scourge. You will meet friends along the way, like a haughty owl and a sly crow!

      Discover incredible atmospheres in the heart of a kingdom as colorful as it is frightening

      Travel through epic and dramatic landscapes, each level of which has its own spellbinding atmosphere. With its vivid color palettes and high quality lighting effects, Pumpkin Jack invents its own cartoon universe, inspired by the classic graphic style of PS2 games.

      Jump, run and climb to find your own way in unique levels

      Pumpkin Jack is a classic 3D platformer above all else! Each level will put you to the test with its different themed platforms, each time offering you new challenges to overcome.

      Fight for your survival against demonic monsters with incredible unlockable weapons

      You will need to master the art of dodging, timing, and attacks to defeat Jack’s enemies. During dynamic real-time combat, choose which weapon to use and strike at the critical moment!

      Take on incredible challenges and discover tons of different gameplays

      Solve puzzles that combine physics, gravity and reflection. Take control of your pumpkin head and burn books, crush moles, create paths for magical spheres… and much more! In each level, you will have to perform an action sequence using new exclusive gameplay!


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