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  • Description

    When melee combat meets Battle Royale, pretty much EVERYTHING changes…
    Vertical map design, truly diverse character skills and a brand-new resurrection system.
    Enjoy the thrill of clashing blades and flying arrows in the battlefield of NARAKA: BLADEPOINT!

    From the shoulder of a giant Buddha to the very highest mountain peaks…
    From the rusty, rattling chains of floating coffins to secret trails of an abandoned mine.
    NARAKA: BLADEPOINT’s interactive map design allows you to roam Morus Island with freedom. Walk every path you find. Reach every place you see. Eliminate every opponent you encounter.

    Every player is equipped with a grappling hook that can be aimed at anyone, anywhere…
    Instantly zip through obstacles to pounce on your target.
    AMBUSH —
    Hide in the darkness and wait for your moment. Ready your hook and surprise your targets with deadly long-range takedowns.
    AVOID —
    Sometimes discretion is the better part of honor; escape from battles in a flash with a well-aimed grappling hook maneuver.
    You can do EVERYTHING with your grappling hook.

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