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    Digimon Survive Xbox One Global

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    Digimon Survive Xbox One Global

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    • Description

      Digimon Survive presents a hybrid visual novel and tactical RPG set in a mysterious world filled with dangerous monsters and deadly battles that will test your ability to survive.

      After getting lost on a school trip, Takuma Momozuka finds himself transported to a world inhabited by ferocious foes and new allies. Join Takuma and his friends as they fight their way back home. Craft your story in this thrilling visual novel with turn-based combat.

      – A Rich Visual Novel Experience

      Unfold a dark tale about friendship and survival that is jam-packed with exciting drama, a unique cast of characters, and potentially grim choices.

      – A Mysterious World

      Explore otherworldly areas filled with hidden secrets and Digimon to recruit.

      – The Power is Yours

      Your choices affect gameplay: you bond with other NPCs, your Digimon’s evolution, and the outcome of your adventure.HYDE, Inc.

      – Thrilling and Strategic Gameplay

      Persuade your opponents to join your team and evolve them to fight alongside you in thrilling turn-based battles.

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