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    Dead or Alive 6 Steam

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    Dead or Alive 6 Steam

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  • Description

    From Koei Tecmo Games comes the newest fighting game in the series DEAD OR ALIVE 6! Prepare to witness as well as participate in the most intense one on one duels ever. The multi-layered arenas will only add up to the never-ending, fast-paced, and high-stakes action! Furthermore, the game offers stunning graphics and unprecedented complexity mechanics for the utmost possible entertainment value!

    The Good ol’ Triangle Principle

    As in the previous DOA games, DEAD OR ALIVE 6 brings back some of the principle mechanics already known to the fans of the series. One of these is the triangle system, which goes like this: timed holds will always beat strikes, direct strikes are superior to throws, and a skillful throw can diminish any hold. This mechanic creates an incredible level of complexity, as well as adds a fair number of mind-games during the duel.

    The New Endearing Abilities

    As is a common practice in many other fighting genre games nowadays, the DEAD OR ALIVE 6 game presents its own version to the Special Move Gauge, in-game known as Break Gauge. With the additional special moves at your disposal, the fighting only intensifies. The newly available addition presents three new mechanics: Break Blow, Break Hold, and Fatal Rush.

    Break Blow – used for parrying and knocking the opponent on the ground. High-damage attack.

    Break Hold – mostly used as a counter-measure. Low-damage attack.

    Fatal Rush – a diminishing combo that ends up with a super finisher (a must-try with every character)

    If you are a fighting games fan, the newest DEAD OR ALIVE 6 game is definitely among the few best picks you can make today. Enjoy the new generation of fighting, master your style, and compete against other players from all over the globe!

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