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    Wasteland 3 PS4 Global

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    Wasteland 3 PS4 Global

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    Coming from the developer and publisher inXile Entertainment is the third installment in the post-apocalyptic turn-based strategy series that originally began in 1988. Buy Wasteland 3 PS4 and try out the latest game in a franchise that can easily be considered a spiritual precursor to the original, isometric Fallout games. The Wasteland 3 game serves as a nostalgic homage to the classic, isometric RPG era from the 1990s which blends gameplay elements of titles like XCOMDivinity: Original Sin and the mentioned Fallout series to create a fresh and modern take on a genre with long-lasting traditions.

    Post-apocalyptic setting

    In a world shaped and defined by the devastation of nuclear war, democracy, freedom, human rights, and equality are but fading memories of a distant past. Buy Wasteland 3 PS4 and become a potenial force for good in this bleak vision of the future. You will take on the role of a Desert Ranger who desperately seeks to save his home – former state of Arizona. Salvation lies in the hands of a self-proclaimed Patriarch of Colorado who wants you to take out his three bloodthirsty children – the main antagonists of the story. Wasteland 3 PS4 game will have you recruiting team members and surviving to live another day in a world torn apart by violence, corruption, warring gangs, fanatical cultists and a multitude of other rivaling factions.

    Wasteland 3 gameplay

    Buy Wasteland 3 PS4 and explore turn-based gameplay with rich RPG elements, such as an abundance of character customization options. Gather a squad of rangers, train them, increase their stats, and engage in XCOM-like turn-based combat where you will command a whole squad of soldiers. The Wasteland 3 game relies on an action point system as movement and actions of characters cost a certain amount of AP. The total amount of AP available to each character is determined by their individual stats. Additional gameplay elements include the use of vehicles (even their deployment in combat) as well as participating in interactive dialog segments which have huge consequences on the development of the story.


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