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    The Last of Us Part II PS4 Global

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    The Last of Us Part II PS4 Global

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      The Last of Us Part II PS4 is an action-adventure game with survival horror elements released as an exclusive for PlayStation 4 in 2020 as the sequel to the Last of Us released in 2013. The action of the game is set in the post-apocalyptic United States around five years after the events presented in the first game where the world has been devastated by a mysterious pandemic.


      You take control over now nineteen-year-old Ellie, a returning character from the first game, who found a safe place in the chaotic world. Her peace has been disturbed by a group of people on which Ellie is going to seek revenge, at the same time overcoming her fears and resolving mysteries and numerous challenges.

      The Last of Us 2 Gameplay

      The game is played from the third-person perspective. In order to reclaim the desired peace of mind, Ellie needs to go through numerous challenges, resolve puzzles and deal with her enemies, which are not always going to be human, by either fighting them or sneaking unnoticed. To defend yourself from various types of creatures such as cannibals or enemy humans that have mutated through the Cordyceps fungus you can use different types of weapons like firearms, bows as well as make use of items that primarily weren’t considered weapons like bricks.

      The Last of Us Part II to avoid hostile creatures, you can crawl or reach even higher by jumping or climbing thanks to the capabilities of Ellie’s nimble body. The “listen mode” can help you with tracking enemies by the sense of hearing, as the enemy units will be seen as an outline through obstacles and walls. You can additionally make use of the skill tree where you can upgrade Ellie’s abilities by collecting supplements during the game. There are three main branches, each one strengthening different abilities such as Crafting, which helps you to upgrade your weapons, the speed of creating items by your character as well as crafting of stun or smoke bombs useful in numerous situations. Survival can improve your health, throwing skills and the listening mode, whereas Stealth increases your speed in a prone position, gives you faster kills while sneaking and also provides pistol silencers.

      Aside from the continuation of the story from the first game, this chapter introduces new characters, enemies like the guard dogs introduced, that can detect player’s character scent, mysteries, and improved visual aspects.


      • •Play as Ellie, a teenage girl on a quest for revenge in a hostile world;
      • •Get to know the truth behind the disturbance in Ellie’s life;
      • •Improve your skills by upgrading abilities in the skill tree;
      • •Use whatever you can to get through obstacles and challenges;
      • •Make use of the listen mode to outsmart your foes.

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