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    The Last Oricru steam Global - Enjify

    The Last Oricru steam Global

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    The Last Oricru steam Global

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      Action RPG carried by a solid story, The Last Oricru puts you in the middle of a conflict between two races on a planet half-terraformed and isolated from outer space by a protective barrier. Your decisions will lead to interesting twists, as you will weigh heavily in this war and its results. Experience hundreds of intense battles in this brutal medieval sci-fi world where every decision has consequences. Level up your hero and improve your abilities before facing one of the many bosses and prepare for a host of unprecedented possibilities.

      A captivating story

      Delve into the forgotten past of this world and uncover the hidden conspiracy behind current events. Listen to both sides explain their reasons for fighting or ignore them all to better set the world on fire. The story of The Last Oricru is complex and may require several passes to put all the pieces of the puzzle together.

      Decisions with serious consequences

      Vast branching decisions await, each leading to various outcomes affecting story, characters, game ending, but also level visuals or even gameplay pacing. Each action, side quest or life taken can modify your reputation in the different factions. There are several ways to complete The Last Oricru and no decision is inherently right or wrong. But they will shape the world, literally.

      Challenging fights

      Easy to pick up, but hard to master, the combat system aims to create a challenging and rewarding experience. Melee or ranged weapons, tech-magic items, weight management and upgrade mechanics will allow you to customize combat to suit your playstyle. war, you will face large-scale battles in which you can prove your loyalty by helping your brothers in arms, but also break through enemy lines by surprise. Prepare to die…often!

      Local co-op

      Invite your friends or ask your spouse to join you on your adventures! The Last Oricru is designed to make co-op a unique experience where you can, for example, find new ways to beat bosses or reach secret areas. The classic RPG stat system also allows each player to specialize their character to enjoy the benefits of each role: become a heavyweight fighter full of muscles and help your archer friend, or choose to play as a duo of mages and use the one of the co-op only spells to wreak havoc on your enemies, or even a pair of swordsmen carving their way shoulder to shoulder through the opposing ranks. The choice is yours and your gaming partner’s.

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