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    The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil In Me Xbox One Global - Enjify

    The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil In Me Xbox One Global

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    The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil In Me Xbox One Global

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      A series of branching horror games developed by the studio behind Until Dawn, ideal for short play sessions with friends or alone. The Devil in Me, its fourth installment, is the final episode of the first season.

      A documentary team receives a mysterious invitation to visit a replica of serial killer H. H. Holmes’ “Murder Castle”. H. Holmes’ “Murder Castle”. An opportunity almost too good to be true, as they desperately seek to regain public interest.

      The hotel seems like the perfect setting for their next episode, but it holds a few surprises. The team soon discovers that they are being watched, manipulated and that there is more at stake than just their ratings!

      Welcome to the Murder Hotel!
      Don’t be fooled by appearances, this place is to die for! Explore every corner of the World’s Fair Hotel, taking advantage of new features in this final episode, such as character inventory, tool-related puzzles and the ability to run, jump and climb.

      Your death is his purpose
      Escape the sadistic creations of an evil mind bent on becoming America’s greatest serial killer, and survive “execution rooms” he’s specifically designed to take your life.

      Don’t play alone!
      Test your courage and loyalty: will you risk your life for someone you care about? The series’ two acclaimed multiplayer modes are back: play online with a friend, or take turns playing offline with up to 5 players.

      Can you outwit the killer and save your entire team? In your version of the story, all playable characters can live or die.


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