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    Root Steam Global

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    Root Steam Global

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      Root is an adventure and war game where 2 to 4 players fight to take control of a vast forest.

      The abominable Marquise de Chat seized the forest to exploit its riches. Under the influence of his reign, the creatures of the forest united. This Alliance will try to strengthen its means to overthrow the reign of cats. To achieve its ends, the Alliance will be able to count on the help of the Wanderers., who, thanks to their agility, are able to sneak into the most dangerous places of the forest. Even though a few believe in the aspirations of the Alliance, they have long memories, they still remember the majestic birds of prey that once ruled the forest.

      Meanwhile, at the region’s border, the proud but arguing Canopy has found a new ruler who could help this former faction regain its former glory.

      The stage is set for a battle that will change the fate of the forest. It is the players who will dictate which faction manages to take root.

      The last conqueror of the forest, the Marquise de Chat, play a game of construction and logistics while surveying the vast wilderness. By collecting wood, she builds workshops, sawmills and recruiters allowing her to gain victory points. The Marquise de Chat has the largest army in ROOT, but numbers alone will not be enough to secure the forest …

      To master the forest, the Marquise de Chat builds a powerful industrial war machine. Each time the Marquise builds a Workshop, Sawmill, or Recruiter, you gain victory points. The more buildings of the same type she has on the board, the more points they earn. However, to build ever more, the Marquise must maintain and protect a high and interconnected timber production. While it may be tempting to overwhelm your opponents with your massive army, you risk dispersing yourself and not being able to stand up to the other factions. ”
      ” Long ago, before the cats came, the Canopy Dynastiesreigned supreme over the forest. They must regain control by conquering territory and building perches before falling back into discord. La Canopée is proud, and must submit to the decrees of its leaders. Each leader brings his share of specificities and advantages. The right ruler at the right time can mean victory, but choose the wrong ruler and your chances of taking back the forest are nil.

      In the twilight phase, the Canopy gains victory points according to the number of perches placed on the map. The more she has in the forest, the more points she scores. The Canopy is however bound to follow its decree, a set of actions mandated and promised by its leader, which increase tenfold with each turn. Each turn, she must perform all the actions of her decree, failing which she suffers a seizure.

      The Forest Alliancedoes not like upstarts, whether old or new. The Marquise, the Canopy, it’s all the same. The forest must be ruled by the will of the people! The Forest Alliance is master of guerrilla warfare, it starts out slow but can turn into a formidable adversary later in the game. But only if it manages to overthrow the regimes of the self-appointed rulers.

      The Forest Alliance is trying to win the sympathy of the forest creatures. Each time the Alliance places a Sympathy token, it scores victory points. The more sympathy she has on the map, the more victory points she scores. To win the sympathy of the people, you will need sympathizers. Supporters can also be driven to violence, and incite all forest creatures to revolt. When a revolt is triggered, the Alliance can establish a base. The bases allow the Alliance to train officers, who make their armies stronger and more flexible. ”
      ” The Drifteris seen as an adventurer by some, a trader by others, and more, a thief and scoundrel of the worst kind. If you play the Drifter you will think outside the box to explore the entire map, all the way to its dark woods, where you will find items and complete quests. You can trade with warring factions and come to their aid, in order to complete your own quests.

      The Drifter participates in the conflict without taking sides, while pursuing his own quests in order to increase his popularity in the forest. Each time the Drifter improves his relations with another faction, or eliminates a warrior from a hostile faction, he gains victory points. He also earns victory points by completing quests. To move and perform actions, the Drifter must use objects, which he must manage. He can expand his collection of items by exploring the ruins of the forest and helping other factions.

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