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    Paper Mario : The Origami King (Nintendo Switch) eShop GLOBAL - Enjify

    Paper Mario : The Origami King (Nintendo Switch) eShop GLOBAL

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    Paper Mario : The Origami King (Nintendo Switch) eShop GLOBAL

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      The new Mario tells the story of a paper version of the well-known Mushroom Kingdom, where all the surroundings and characters are simply made of paper. Mario and Luigi are invited by Princess Peach to an origami festival, but it quickly turns out that the Princess fell victim to the evil Origami King who then also separate her whole castle from the rest of Toad Town. Mario’s aim is to deal with the Origami King’s paper streamers which “kidnapped” the castle and took it away towards the mountains.

      A unique puzzle-combat system

      This Mario game stands out from the rest of the series not only with its unusual paper world and origami-like graphics, but also with its extraordinary battle system. Normally, Mario would simply jump on his enemies and they would just disappear. In Paper Mario: The Origami King the combat is much more complex.

      Once we encounter an enemy, we are taken to a rotating arena with Mario in the very center of it and enemies on the sides. The aim is to rotate the separate rings of the arena with the enemies placed on them in such a manner that all the opponents will eventually be arranged as close to one another as possible. Then, after choosing the appropriate form of attack, Mario will proceed with his move towards the selected group of enemies. If everything is set right, Mario should defeat the opponents. What counts the most here are quick thinking (the encounters are time-limited) and a creative approach to each and every single battle situation.

      Make alliances and stop the Origami King

      Mario is not alone in his struggle with saving Princess Peach and bringing peace back to the Mushroom Kingdom. King Olly’s sister, Olivia, joins the brave plumber to help him in his quest as she also wants to stop her evil and selfish brother from realizing his plan. Even Bowser fell victim to Origami King and his loyal troops betrayed him, becoming a part of King Olly’s origami Folded Soldiers army. This has forced the Koopa king to call a truce with his all-time nemesis, even if only for his own purposes.

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