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    Liberated (Nintendo Switch) eShop GLOBAL - Enjify

    Liberated (Nintendo Switch) eShop GLOBAL

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    Liberated (Nintendo Switch) eShop GLOBAL

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    Datum der Veröffentlichung
    • Produktbeschreibung

      8/10 – “Fantastic take on a dystopian platformer” – Nintendo Life
      9/10 – “Genuinely gorgeous” – Pure Nintendo
      9/10 – “The best cyberpunk game on Nintendo Switch” – GamesHedge

      Welcome to a brave new world. Undeniable truth and personal freedoms are dying. Revolution is near. Rise up in the bloodstained struggle for a land of the free.

      Forget everything you know about comics. Immerse yourself in a dark, rain-soaked city. Use your wits, hack the system, sneak and solve puzzles. And when hell breaks loose, dispense picturesque headshots for great justice. Let the stunning hand-drawn art and action unite on the pages of this noir cyberpunk story.

      You are watched every minute of every hour of every day.
      Accept it. Or start the fire.


      More kudos:
      9/10 – “A standout title for Nintendo Switch” – Nintendo Enthusiast
      8/10 – “More than just a game” – Nintendo Soup
      84/100 – “A fine example of how the video game medium can enhance the age old practise of storytelling” – Switchaboo
      8/10 – “A small videogame jewel” – Pokemon Millennium
      “One of 2020’s most exciting indies on Switch?” – Nintendo Life
      “Noir comic art style with Inside-style-gameplay” – Polygon
      “There’s really something magical here” – PC Invasion
      “The story has echoes of Watchmen” – PC Gamer
      “A noir graphic novel come to life” – Game Informer
      ”One of the strongest, and most important games of 2020”–StackUp
      “Showing the Big N some love” – Go Nintendo

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