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    Destroy All Humans! Steam Global - Enjify

    Destroy All Humans! Steam Global

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    Destroy All Humans! Steam Global

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      The renowned classic returns! Destroy All Humans! Steam PC is an open world action game filled with adventures, imitating the Cold War-era alien invasion films in the manner of parody. The Destroy All Humans 2020 is a remake of the original game released back in 2005, now coming back strong as ever! Have you ever felt like the human race is quite disappointing and you would like to cause some destructive chaos to break the boring routine on Earth? Now is your chance to do exactly that!

      Those puny humans…

      In Destroy All Humans! Steam you will assume the role of the evil and remarkably grumpy alien Crypto-137. Peaceful life on the Earth in the 1950s is about to come to an end as you and your otherworldly crew arrive to wreak utter havoc upon the land. You will get to not only reduce cities to rubble and destroy entire populations but also read the minds of humans as well as harvest their DNA to take down the US government! Enjoy the humoristic story-telling and the open world that offers virtual sceneries to feast your eyes upon. Buy the remastered Destroy All Humans (2020) and enjoy all it has in store!

      A remarkable shooter

      The remastered Destroy All Humans! PC is a shooter game that introduces a wide assortment of weapons to attack humans with. The range of guns is astonishing, but the weaponry is ridiculously over-the-top, adding more material to the humoristic element present in the game. Flying Saucer will be an inseparable companion in your mission to obliterate mankind and become the only Cryptosporidium: the human-hating alien with the voice of an angry Jack Nicholson! Besides, Destroy All Humans does not limit the players to using just weapons – also use psychokinesis to send enemies flying or bombard them with random objects!


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