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    Desperados III Steam Global

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    Desperados III Steam Global

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      Desperados III is a sequel to a franchise that has captivated fans of Real-Time Tactics since 2001! Developed by Mimimi Productions and published by THQ Nordic, Part 3 of the series will be perfect for fans and new players! Engage in many real-time strategy scenarios set in the United States and Mexico in 1870.

      Strategy at its best

      In this third opus, you will take control of several characters. Each equipped with a unique set of skills necessary to ensure their survival. Buy Desperados III on the cheap and take on a host of distinct missions that will require you to use your wits, knowledge, logic and all the other skills at your disposal to outsmart opposing forces and come out alive.


      The United States and Mexico in 1870 were pretty wild. If two men were arguing, shooting was one of the most common ways to quickly settle a conflict. Your group of characters will work together to avoid unnecessary losses at all costs. These characters happen to share a common enemy and hate the same crime mogul, so teaming up only makes sense.

      Approach to missions

      Buy Desperados III cheaply and create your own solutions to the tasks at hand. None of the missions you will have to complete have a single predefined answer, so it will all depend on your ingenuity. Put together a team of five characters and spy, sabotage, lure, kidnap, murder and do whatever it takes to put the odds in your favor.

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