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    Chernobylite Steam

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    Chernobylite Steam

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      Chernobylite is an FPP survival horror game developed by the Polish studio The Farm 51. The studio is known for productions like World War 3 or Get Even. A huge open world and the non-linear story make the gameplay a great and challenging adventure. Try to survive long enough to uncover all the secrets within the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone. Remember, that hostile solid are not your worst enemies – you can only imagine what hides in the darkness.

      Non-linear, engaging storyline

      The action of the game brings us to the so-called Exclusion Zone, near the nuclear power station in Chernobyl. Even though it’s been 30 years since the infamous accident, the environment did not become any safer.

      The main protagonist of the game is Igor, a physicist who was working in the power station years ago. Because of the tragic events in the past, he lost his beloved one and still didn’t manage to put himself together. After 30 years, Igor comes back to the place where it all began, looking for the traces of woman he once lost. When he arrives at the Exclusion Zone, he finds out that the place has become the extraction zone for a mysterious substance, Chernobylite. The whole area is controlled by solider who will not hesitate to kill anyone who will try to learn the secret they are protecting. Discover a story, where love, conspiracy, and human obsession becomes one, exciting and dangerous adventure.

      Challenging encounter and gameplay mechanics

      The developers from The Farm 51 have tried a little bit different approach to a survival horror game. The story is non-linear and it is too large extent connected with the exploration of the world.

      During the adventure, players will have to collect important information, solve puzzles and of course, try to survive in this hostile place. The combat system is typical for other FPS games. However, the game does not enforce you to fight your way through. If you prefer a more pacifistic approach you can avoid dangerous encounters.

      Decisions you make really matter and they will often help you to survive. However, you should remember that poor judgment of the situation may be as lethal as AK-47’s bullet. It is worth to mention, that your decision will shape the world around you. On this dangerous adventure, mutants and hostile soldiers are not your only enemies. The time is not on your side.

      Supernatural phenomena of the Exclusion Zone will often play with your mind. To make matters worse, you will have to use your sense of survival, look for supplies and craft essential equipment that will be absolutely necessary to keep you alive.

      Key features

      • Travel to harsh and mysterious Exclusion Zone in Chernobyl
      • Uncover the secret protected by an unknown organization, who is fiercely protecting it
      • Your sense of survival will be tested. Craft essential equipment, weapons, and resources that will be a great help in this dark, grim place
      • Your decision matters – decide who can be trusted and who is just trying to backstab you. Your judgments will shape the world around you and will influence your companions
      • Face supernatural dangers, and don’t let them distract you on your journey to the truth
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