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Spécial Discount Code

All your viewers can profit a spécial reduction for all purchase

Your Earn Real Money

All purchase with your link are profitable for you

Your Viewers are Happy with us

You can win Games for your Community

Exclusive Content for your Channel

New content every Weeks with the loan of a Game Account

Why is Enjify Referral Program awesome?

How to earn some extra money?
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Enjify Affiliate is an easy and completely free program designed for everyone who is passionate about video games and affiliate marketing. It's you? Perfect!

Being our partner, you will be rewarded with extra cash for recommending Enjify to others. Simply tell your friends and colleagues about Enjify and when they buy a game - you get extra money - it's that easy!

Earn your cut !

Every person who uses your link will get a cookie file valid for 24 hours. If they purchase a product on Enjify.com within that time, you will get a cut based on a % of the product's value. The cookie file gets reactivated every time this person visits your link.

You profit every time

You'll earn on every purchase made by the person using your cookie, no matter what product you're linking to, digital and physical alike.

What is Affiliate Program ?

Our Affiliate Program is a referral program that helps you earn real money. All you need to do is promote your reflinks on the web or share them with your friends. If anyone makes a purchase using your reflink, we will split our profits with you.

How does Affiliate Program work ?

Your account has an assigned reflink code. If a user clicks on your reflink, they will get a cookie. If they complete a purchase, your cookie generates profit. Check the details on this link

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